Midsize Business Optimistic

Midsize business owners (and their c-level execs) are optimistic and have put dollars into their 2015 budgets to invest in: Technology (85%) Operations (87%) New products (76%) Expand market niche (70%) Expand geo footprint (61%) So says the study done ...

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Does Your Social Business Model Really Sell?

By Babette Ten Haken on Dec 18, 2014
A social business model is founded ondiscovering information, analyzing data, sharing knowledge and collaborating across your organization. It’s founded on collaborating across your customers’ organizations, too. That doesn’t sound like fulfilling a short-term objective, does it? Especially when your customers ...

Social Media Marketing: Are You Failing?

By Casey Lucas on Dec 8, 2014
Recently I happened across a fascinating blog post by Tami Cannizzaro, IBM’s Global Director of Marketing (@TamiCann) called “Are You Guilty of Drive-By Marketing?” the post is an astute wake-up call to businesses to practice thoughtful, conscious marketing. Cannizzaro writes ...
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