Actionable Social Analytics Data: Fact or Friendly Fiction?

Make no mistake: Midsize IT professionals know their companies cannot afford to skip social media strategy, and are well aware that an effective social campaign extends beyond marketing teams to touch all aspects of a business, including IT. But despite ...

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Let’s Get Social: Hows and Whys

By Luis Benitez on Jul 21, 2014
Use of consumer-grade social media and collaboration technologies has become commonplace in an enterprise context, and is essential to the future of composable business. Much less common is the use of secure and compliant social business collaboration solutions, such as ...

Nichole Kelly on Replenishment, not Vacation

By Stowe Boyd on Jul 15, 2014
I recently interviewed Nichole Kelly, the founder and president of SME Digital, the digital marketing division of Social Media Explorer. I read a post entitled Why We Abolished Our Vacation Policy, and decided I had to interview her about it. ...
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