SoftLayer: What’s the ROI?

As traditional businesses continue to transform and move toward a more “composable” IT model, the immediate impact to their bottom lines when switching to the cloud are not often discussed. Last month, IBM commissioned Forrester Research to study exactly that ...

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Podcast: Cloud Computing Cuts IBM Business Partner’s Installation Time from Weeks to Two Days

By Paul Gillin on Jan 10, 2014
Flagship Solutions Group is a Boca Raton, FL-based IBM Premier Business Partner that specializes in serving midsize businesses. The company recently worked with Miami-based St. Thomas University to implement a cloud research platform in the school’s new Institute for Technology. ...

Transforming your company with cloud, mobile and MSPs

By Kenneth Hess on Aug 6, 2013
I just watched a video where IBM and two IBM partners discuss Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cloud, mobile, and transforming your business with technology. The video is part of a new IBM series targeting SMBs and demonstrating how cloud, mobile, and their MSP partners can transform or ...
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The Cloud and Mobile: Drivers for the Midmarket

By Eric Brown on Jul 23, 2013
IBM just published a very nice video focused on the Midmarket and working with Managed Service Providers (MSP’s). I’ve embedded the video below – please take a minute to watch it. A few of the take-aways that really stood out ...
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MSP Summit Day Two: We're Here to Help

By Paul Gillin on Jun 13, 2013
If Day One of the MSP Summit at the IBM Edge 2013 conference was all about the inevitability of the services-driven IT market, Day Two was about helping traditional resellers and integrators get there. Speakers from IBM and IBM partners ...
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What does a “next generation” MSP look like?

By Judy Smolski on Jun 4, 2013
A next-generation MSP offers cloud services that enable their individual customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We recently held a MSP and ISV roundtable in Chicago, asking a few of our current partners to talk about their business requirements ...
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