Outsourcing Doesn’t Have to be a Dirty Word

Say the word “outsourcing” in many organisations, and you’ll be met with a frosty reception. People will recount tales of how huge chunks of their company were laid off or sold off, and will talk about how things have neverquite ...

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A Better Way to Vet Potential Partners, Part II

By Phil Simon on May 18, 2015
In my last post, I listed a number of important questions to ask potential partners before signing a contract. To briefly recap here, it’s essential to move beyond looking at canned slide decks and polished methodologies. The process of asking ...
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SMB MSPs – A New Business Species?

By Babette Ten Haken on May 13, 2015
SMB MSPs are managed service providers (MSPs) that provide managed cloud, big data, security and mobile services to small to mid-size businesses (SMB). According to an article in Channel Partners Online, there’s a tremendous opportunity for MSPs in the next ...
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MSPs and Cloud-based Analytics

By Jim Harris on May 13, 2015
A decade ago the phrase cloud-based analytics would have conjured images of meteorologists basing their weather forecasts on the analysis of data describing cloud formations and atmospheric movements. Today cloud-based analytics refers to the use of cloud computing to provide ...
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Achieving Mobile Advantage

By Julie Hunt on May 11, 2015
As mobile technologies grow in importance for all businesses, managed mobility services can fill a critical role to help many of those businesses manage, support – and most importantly – leverage mobility for business advantage. Mobile technologies and services will ...
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The Future Potential of Electronic Health Records for MSPs

By Marissa Tejada on May 11, 2015
A large majority of healthcare organizations are using electronic health records today, according to new research, which revealed that health IT is set to rise rapidly. This continuing trend will offer a significant opportunity for MSPs specializing in healthcare innovation.Rapidly ...
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Get To Know an MSP: Kalleo Technologies

By Kenneth Hess on May 6, 2015
Kalleo Technologies (Kalleo) CEO, Doug Truitt, and I had a good conversation about his company, its history, the company philosophy, and its services. First, is Kalleo’s interesting location: Paducah, Kentucky. Paducah is a centrally located city that’s surrounded by universities ...
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