Data Centers Must be Agile Too

Managed services and collocation companies face the constant challenge of keeping their data center's as efficient as possible. This goes beyond making sure that every bit of processing, storage and networking capacity is in use by a paying tenant. Another ...

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Horizontal Channel Partner Teams Create Value

By Babette Ten Haken on Jan 30, 2015
Channel Partner Teams focused horizontally create value in their throughput. There’s no room for one-and-done, I-work-in-my-silo / you-work-in-yours mindset. As an MSP (Managed Service Provider) – developer, IT tech leader and decision maker – what’s the view from your side ...
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Flash-Based Arrays Market Surpassed $11 Billion in 2014

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 20, 2015
Flash-based arrays are top of mind for IT professionals looking to update their data centers and information infrastructure, especially in this age of third-platform technologies, social business and the Internet of Things (IoT). MSPs should be prepared to present a ...
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Bigger IT Budgets Mean More Cloud Services in 2015

By Jason Hannula on Dec 4, 2014
According to new research, IT budgets will see modest increases in 2015, with cloud services getting the biggest slice. Cloud services are now the go-to route for innovation and technology in business.Budgeting for InnovationThe bigger IT budgets, shown by a ...
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