When Dataviz Confirms the Obvious

It’s easy to geek out on data and dataviz these days. One major potential time-suck:Deadspin Regress. There. You’ve been warned. Of particular interest to me was this recent data visualization of NBA players’ movement created via SportVU. The tool does ...

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Cloud Computing Lessons from Apple

By Phil Simon on Sep 29, 2014
A few years ago, I bought $AAPL near its zenith. True to form, my small purchase singlehandedly sent the stock into an amazing downward spiral, at one point hitting $375. Although the stock has rebounded as of late to $630 ...
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Analytics as a Cloud Service?

By Jason Hannula on Sep 12, 2014
Businesses are accepting cloud computing for platform services beyond storage, and a growing demand for data analytics to uncover business insights may be driving firms towards using analytics as a service. In a recent SmartDataCollective column, Mithun Sridharan argues that ...

Private Cloud: Transforming Midsize IT

By Kelly Meade on Sep 11, 2014
As you are most likely aware, the increasing popularity of cloud computing has led IT departments to rethink their relationship with other departments. Cloud computing is dramatically changing IT’s daily reality. Servers, storage devices, networking, and even desktops are now ...
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