The Future of Social Business Analytics Isn't Where You Think It Is

When I started working on Social Media ROI back in 2010, one of the dilemmas nagging me at the time was whether or not to devote any time to discussing (to an appropriate degree of practical detail) digital tools. On ...

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Big Data and Finance

By David Pittman on Dec 19, 2014
The world of analytics and information provided by big data is poised to revolutionize every industry that it hasn’t yet already. This is made clear in the often interesting, quite illuminating Information Week whitepaper recently released on big data being ...

Self-Serve Analytics Really Aren’t DIY

By Julie Hunt on Dec 16, 2014
Data analytics need to become more accessible to many roles that have not previously been the 'traditional' users of such solutions. To accomplish this, analytics solutions have to change to match the faster pace of business decisions to deliver intelligence ...
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