The Future of Social Business Analytics Isn't Where You Think It Is

When I started working on Social Media ROI back in 2010, one of the dilemmas nagging me at the time was whether or not to devote any time to discussing (to an appropriate degree of practical detail) digital tools. On ...

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Big Data: Preventing Big Failures

By Phil Simon on Apr 17, 2015
Big Data: Preventing Big Failures Thoughts on avoiding the pitfalls of traditional IT projects. IT projects break bad all the time. At their worst, they even cause companies to go belly up and high-profile lawsuits. Google “IT project failures” and ...

Turbulence and Data

By Adrian Reed on Apr 13, 2015
I want to let you in on a secret. One that I haven’t (up until now) told many people. Although I travel a lot with my work, I have never liked flying. Until a few years ago, I had an ...
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