The Future of Social Business Analytics Isn't Where You Think It Is

When I started working on Social Media ROI back in 2010, one of the dilemmas nagging me at the time was whether or not to devote any time to discussing (to an appropriate degree of practical detail) digital tools. On ...

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The Future Need for Smart Grid Analytics Solutions

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 26, 2015
Smart grid analytics solutions are part of a growing market, according to new industry research. Managed service providers seeking to assist growing firms already delving into analytics can help them innovate in this up-and-coming segment.State-of-the-Art AnalyticsA recent MarketsandMarkets report featured ...

The Data Science Skills Gap and Midsize IT

By Shawn Drew on Jan 8, 2015
New research indicates that the data science skills gap continues to widen, and universities are attempting to close it by increasing their data science offerings. The expansion of data science programs could benefit many businesses in the future, but the ...
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