The Future of Social Business Analytics Isn't Where You Think It Is

When I started working on Social Media ROI back in 2010, one of the dilemmas nagging me at the time was whether or not to devote any time to discussing (to an appropriate degree of practical detail) digital tools. On ...

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Avoid Knee-Jerk Decision Making

By Adrian Reed on Oct 23, 2014
I suspect everyone reading this blog has, at least once, been guilty of making a knee-jerk decision – I know I certainly have. You know the type of situation: you’re presented with a couple of facts that look ‘urgent’, so ...

Increasing Importance of Governed Data Access

By Lyndsay Wise on Oct 21, 2014
More solution providers are starting to integrate the concept of governed data discovery into their product offerings. After years of trying to adopt data governance initiatives as part of a larger data management framework within organizations, software vendors are integrating ...
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