The CMO and the Cloud Part 7: The #CloudTalk Interview

Instead of reading a 20,000 word post today, watch (or listen to) my #CloudTalk interview with Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo. We discussed, among other things, the impact that technology is having on the marketing profession (particularly the cloud and ...

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The Folly of Blaming Excel

By Phil Simon on Oct 9, 2014
“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” —B. F. Skinner The three killer apps of the Internet era are e-mail, the browser, and Microsoft Excel. Go into just about any office in the corporate world ...

Georgia’s Flint River Partnership Taps IBM for Data-Driven Agriculture Solutions

Published on Apr 24, 2014
The Flint River Partnership and IBM have announced a collaboration to deploy innovative conservation measures to enhance agricultural efficiency by up to 20 percent. The Flint River Partnership,(which includes the Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District, USDA’s Natural Resources ...
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