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What's an Ideal Partner For Your Business

By Lori Richardson on Apr 29, 2015
Growing business through partners can be tough or it can be simple. Many companies make it tough because they don’t set themselves up to win at this. Good partnerships bring collaboration, leverage and enhanced visibility. With the advent of mobile, ...
Topic: MSP

Data Cleanse For A Sales Boost

By Lori Richardson on Jan 5, 2015
There is definitely an issue in smaller and midsized companies which you don’t always see but is there in nearly every organization. The issue – dirty data. Dirty data is old data. It is wrong data – double entered and ...

Mobile Tools to Sell More

By Lori Richardson on Dec 23, 2014
New ways to sell in the midmarket world are happening all around us. What used to be a one-way road – a sales person “telling” potential buyers what to buy, is now a two-way, busy street where buyers find their ...
Topic: Mobile

Midsize Business Optimistic

By Lori Richardson on Dec 19, 2014
Midsize business owners (and their c-level execs) are optimistic and have put dollars into their 2015 budgets to invest in: Technology (85%) Operations (87%) New products (76%) Expand market niche (70%) Expand geo footprint (61%) So says the study done ...