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The Future Need for Smart Grid Analytics Solutions

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 26, 2015
Smart grid analytics solutions are part of a growing market, according to new industry research. Managed service providers seeking to assist growing firms already delving into analytics can help them innovate in this up-and-coming segment.State-of-the-Art AnalyticsA recent MarketsandMarkets report featured ...

Biometric Mobile Devices and SMB Security

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 23, 2015
New research predicts that biometric mobile devices will drive the global biometric market for the next several years due to a growing demand for biometric technology. As a result, implementing secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies could become much easier for midsize ...
Topic: Mobile: BYOD

Flash-Based Arrays Market Surpassed $11 Billion in 2014

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 20, 2015
Flash-based arrays are top of mind for IT professionals looking to update their data centers and information infrastructure, especially in this age of third-platform technologies, social business and the Internet of Things (IoT). MSPs should be prepared to present a ...
Topic: MSP

SMBs and the Demographics of Wearable Devices

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 20, 2015
New research findings on the demographics of wearable devices are of interest to midsize businesses considering the future of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly in terms of security.Connected IntelligenceOne in ten U.S. adults now owns a ...
Topic: Mobile