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Behavioral Biometric Technology Possibilities

By Marissa Tejada on Feb 12, 2015
ID verification methods are increasingly incorporating behavioral biometric technology. According to recent news reports, the U.S. military is looking into a "cognitive identity verification system" that will change ID verification standards and directly impact data security.Recognizing PatternsID verification typically requires ...

BYOD and Mobile Security: Evolving Together

By Marissa Tejada on Feb 11, 2015
The evolution of BYOD and mobile security policies and technologies have improved data protection on mobile devices, but also customer service. This new development is a positive shift for MSPs and midsize firms that work together to implement the best ...
Topic: Mobile: BYOD

Mobile Biometric Technology and SMB Security

By Marissa Tejada on Feb 5, 2015
New research indicates that the mobile biometric technology market will reach a new high within the next five years. As a result, growing firms are already thinking about making changes to their security infrastructures.Growing Biometric RevenuesMobile biometric technology applied to ...