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Cloud Computing Security Still a Top Concern

By Shawn Drew on Jan 23, 2015
Cloud services are increasingly used in the business world, whether or not IT is aware of the adoption. New research into this phenomenon demonstrates that while a majority of businesses plan to adopt cloud services in 2015, there are concerns ...

Tablet Market Slowdown and Midsize BYOD

By Shawn Drew on Jan 14, 2015
New research into the global tablet market shows a growth rate significantly lower than it had been just two years ago, although tablets continue to prove their use in both the business and consumer space. The tablet market slowdown will ...
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The Data Science Skills Gap and Midsize IT

By Shawn Drew on Jan 8, 2015
New research indicates that the data science skills gap continues to widen, and universities are attempting to close it by increasing their data science offerings. The expansion of data science programs could benefit many businesses in the future, but the ...