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Regina Woodard

Regina Woodard

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Curator of a wide variety of different talents. I have several years, some ten or more, in the fields of technology, writing, music, and computers. Some of the things I've done lately include -

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Articles by Regina Woodard

Cloud Backup Solutions and Midsize Businesses

When it comes to technology, more and more midsize business IT professionals are looking for ways in which to store and retrieve their data and information as well as that of their clients and consumers. As these businesses go online ...

The Cloud Security Alliance - What Is It and How Does It Help?

What is the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)? With the emerging changes, increasing interest, and security questions surrounding cloud technology, the CSA, a nonprofit organization formed with the purpose of promoting research into securing cloud computing and cloud technology, was born, ...

Google Analytics: Why It Matters for Midsize Businesses

Google has seen an incredible insurgence from just being the new search engine on the block to not only being the search engine, but the company in which many of our communications and collaborations take place. The company that tries ...

Client Engagement & How to Get It

As technology continues to grow, more and more businesses are realizing that engaging with their customers is an essential part of helping to grow their business. 2013 looks to be a big year for consumer engagement, as small, midsize, and ...

Social Networking Sites: Which Should a Business Join?

Social networking sites are all the rage, especially for businesses that have learned the importance and impact of joining these sites on reaching their consumer target market, retaining current customers, and gaining new ones. But with so many social networks, ...

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