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BYOD Policy and the January Wave

By Shawn Drew on Jan 6, 2014
If the past year taught IT managers anything, it was that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon is here to stay and that adaptation is critical. Despite that fact, many IT leaders continue to struggle with the overall concept and with how ...
Topic: Mobile: BYOD

SMB Mobile Strategy Bound by Access

By Jason Hannula on Jan 6, 2014
IT mobile strategy for 2014 may encounter problems related to access. Many people carry a smartphone and access personal or business media on a tablet or laptop. Employees increasingly bring their personal devices into the workplace. Contract and independent workers ...

ERP Trends for 2014

By Robert Lawson on Jan 3, 2014
Trends in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for 2014 include more cloud integration and a continued effort to transform solutions and to create more transparency in systems.More CloudOn-site solutions are quickly becoming a thing of the past in many industries, and ...

Assessing Your ERP System

By Robert Lawson on Jan 2, 2014
Assessing a legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system requires evaluation of business goals, assessment of IT goals and awareness of how efficiently and effectively the system addresses both.Business GoalsMidsize businesses need to define the goals, processes and strategies involved in ...