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Tablet Plateau, Not Mobile Decline

By Jason Hannula on Jun 3, 2014
Recent projections that the tablet marketplace is stagnating should not deter businesses from implementing mobile customer solutions or communication channels. Data from market research group IDC, reported at ComputerWorld by Matt Hamblen, shows that end users are not necessarily replacing ...
Topic: Mobile: BYOD

How Mobile Devices Drive Big Data

By Rick Robinson on Jun 2, 2014
Two technology revolutions are transforming the Internet and how businesses interact with their customers: The rise of mobile devices and the emergence of big data and the analytics that mine it for insights. It is no coincidence that these revolutions ...

Mobile Payments: Hold Your Breath?

By Jason Hannula on May 28, 2014
Mobile payments have been a perennial promise from businesses that deal directly with customers. While many consumers would enjoy an alternative to carrying wallets bulging with credit cards and desire greater security in retail transactions, using a device to pay ...