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Cloud Computing Saves Money

By Marissa Tejada on Feb 25, 2014
According to a new study by Computer Economics that was reported in CloudTimes, cloud computing can reduce IT spending per user by at least 15 percent. The research sought answers to several key questions about how much firms really save ...

Cloud Computing: A Backup Plan

By Marissa Tejada on Feb 24, 2014
Cloud computing also requires backing up. Recent news about the topic explored the reasons for which corporate data that lives in the cloud should be factored into an overall backup plan. As more midsize firms work with cloud providers to ...

Are Mobile Kill Switches a Good Idea?

By Daniel Cawrey on Feb 24, 2014
Mobile carriers are facing government pressure to include a kill switch in their products. This feature would allow a carrier to remotely disable a mobile device that was lost or stolen.Thomas Claburn writes about this in an article for InformationWeek. ...