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Outsourcing the C-Suite: MSP's New Frontier?

By Doug Bonderud on Nov 26, 2014
According to recent Poneman Institute survey data highlighted in eWeek, only 46 percent of all CIOs and CSOs have "ultimate responsibility for securing document collaboration and file-sharing activities." Both are concerned with the company's bottom line but see the road ...
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Mobile Business Continuity: Are Employees the New MSP?

By Doug Bonderud on Nov 26, 2014
Midsize companies are no longer fighting the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Reporting on recent survey data, Small Business Computing notes that 80 percent of respondents supported at least one mobile device per employee. The problem? Less than half ...
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Mobile Device Management Needed in a BYOD World

By Shawn Drew on Nov 26, 2014
As the continuing success of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) leads to further incursions of personal electronic devices into the business space, mobile device management is becoming a top priority for businesses tasked with overseeing IT infrastructure, appliances and applications.BYOD and BYOD 2.0A ...
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Digital Marketing Spending and the IoT

By Marissa Tejada on Nov 26, 2014
Digital marketing spending is set to increase substantially, according to a recent report. This means more firms than ever before will be considering social business strategies to gain a competitive edge.The New Age of MarketingAccording to a Gartner study featured ...