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Preparing for IoBT Technologies

By Sue Poremba on Aug 18, 2014
Various reports, including one from Cisco, claim that at least 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by the year 2020. But based on how many gadgets are already connected to both home and office networks, it would ...

Geolocation: Necessary or Creepy?

By Jason Hannula on Aug 11, 2014
Mobile technology can add geolocation data to a wealth of information collected from customers. When used to add value for customers by tailoring messages based on their location and preferences, particularly in the retail industry, it can be beneficial, according ...

Mobile Technology Thriving in SMB Setting

By Sue Poremba on Aug 7, 2014
More than three-quarters of SMBs are currently using mobile technologies, including developing mobile websites and storage capabilities, a new survey by Constant Contact featured on Fierce Mobile IT finds. This is an increase from last year's survey, in which 66 ...