Three for CRM: Customer Success Stories

By | May 17, 2012
Topic: CRM/ERP

Manufacturer Empowers Users, Cuts IT Costs with CRM

Superior Manufacturing Group wanted to streamline its reporting process and enable users to develop their own reports and extract key business data from their data warehouse. In addition to helping cope with the economic downturn, this capability would help users make better and faster business decisions.

The results have been outstanding. Instead of waiting weeks for outdated information, intuitive dashboards now provide current data as well as the ability to drill down to view specific costs, margins and other key performance indicators. That leads to faster business decisions. Superior’s IT department no longer has to write custom reports, which makes them more productive. Director Jim Wood explains what the company did.   Customer Retention Soars With Customer Targeting

Can you really increase your customer retention rate by 60? XO Communications did. The telecommunications firm used a business analytics solution from IBM to glean valuable insight that helped it reach out to at-risk customers and save millions of dollars in the process. Trent Taylor, Director of Customer Intelligence and Retention Programs, explains how in this webcast.   Fashion Institute Connects With Students – and Students with Each Other

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising wanted an integrated CRM solution that would be easy to use and inexpensive to support. “We’re finding that social business is a big player and we needed to position ourselves in that area,” says CIO Roxanne Reynolds-Lair. The Institute was having trouble communicating with students, whose contact information changes frequently. LotusLive iNotes was the tonic, giving students plenty of storage space and an easy way to exchange large files with their instructors and students. Roxanne explains in this video (2:32)  

IBM Solution CRM

With CRM enhancements from IBM, midsize businesses can gain faster insights, enable real-time decision-making and deliver customized experiences that increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

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